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East Africa Muslim Cultural Group would like to present to you its very first Drama Performance which its aim is to paint a picture in the experiences of culture clash, disenfranchisement and identity crisis by young migrants or children of migrants. Problems of which are generated in young people by their experiences of conflicting interactions between contesting choices of values, aspirations and lifestyles in an ever-changing and evolving society, and the relative status that each choice enjoys within London’s subcultures.

East Africans from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are, relatively speaking, recent arrivals into the UK as compared to many other migrant groups. Although many East African young people in East London were born in this country, a significant number arrived during the last ten-twenty years. This means that within the target group there are both foreign and UK born, have early childhood experiences in two different countries and a common experience of growing up in diverse London.

This means that there are pressures in young people to change from a relatively lower status ‘values, aspirations and lifestyles to higher ones, and pulls from traditions and older generations to prevent a full changeover. Usually, the pulls and pushes from many directions eventuate into compromises.

This project will be sponsored by National Lottery Community Fund as well as be collaborated with Weren’t Born Rich. It will engage a group of six young people for each of the mediums, half from the East African community and half from the rest of East London’s diverse communities. About three older people will also be involved, one per medium, as they are both parts of the problems and their solutions.

If you would like to take part in this Drama Performance, please complete the volunteering application form. We welcome all ages between 8yrs – 30yrs old.




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