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We gather youth leaders and scholars plus the youth and parents of our community at the facility to discuss a wide range of topics. As the goal is to create social, cultural and educational impact for the youth and community at large in need of such information and resources.

Through these seminars we also try to guide the Youth in the right direction because that is the mission, to encourage and prepare future leaders, creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs who will make a positive impact in the society and community that they live in, professional environments and the world.

Annual Sports Days

Despite the benefits of sports in a person’s health and fitness. It is an activity that is also known to help bring brothers and sisters in the community closer together.

Our annual Sports Day contains a wide range of different sports and competitive activities in which our community at large participates in the aim of winning prizes and trophies.
Such an event also proves to be an importance in the development of our Youth and young adults as well the adults and parents that accompany them

UMC Youth Annual Balls

These Dinners are held once every year, to help bring together all youth in the UMC (Ugandan Muslim Community) to socialise, meet new people and create new relationships.

During such an event the Youth Leadership Body go over the accomplishments and progresses they have made throughout the year from events, sports days, seminars and any activities they may have had organised. Providing a feedback on how those activities went and what to look forward to in the future.

Annual Qur’an Competitions

As EAMCG (East African Muslim Cultural Group) we hold Annual Quran competitions every 1st of January (New Year’s Day).

We gather up all the youth, young adults and adults in the community to partake in a Quran recitation competition. Any individual can participate and take part either as a competitor or solely just to take part in reciting the Quran. Competitors receive gifts and prizes at the end. We also use this event to come closer together as community / cultural group, socialise with one another and celebrate the New Year.

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