About US

East African Muslim Cultural Group (EAMCG) was founded in 2004 out of the need and aim to help individuals within the community to improve their livelihood and easy access to information and whatever resources the Organisation may be able to provide.

Our primary focus is to promote Muslim cultural values and the quality of life of the East Africa Muslim Community, other Africans living in the United Kingdom and other individuals living within the community. We would like to do this by providing such a people with training and access to information through seminars, workshops, work placements and any other activity that helps bring people together.

Our Services

We take pride in engaging our community in all our activities which include health promotion, cultural awareness training, community and women affairs, youth activities, young people’s forums through the local community radio station (75 Derby Radio) and many more activities.

A group of skilled volunteers offer the following services in addition to a range of many other services.

  • Youth training
  • Housing and social needs advice
  • Community cohesion programmes
  • Employment advice
  • Letter writing or application/form filling assistance
  • Free Sunday DARAS teaching sessions for children and adults
  • Health advice and promotion – HIV/AIDS, sexual awareness, teenage pregnancy and struggles such as mental health and drug awareness.