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As migrant parents, there are several challenges that we face in the process of integrating into this country. We come from a mixture of backgrounds which include; polygamous, monogynous and patriarchal families. These backgrounds have shaped who we are and have influenced our parenting abilities/skills in both positive and negative ways.

Integrating into a new country can be a challenge, particularly when raising children with a combination of our own cultural values and norms, whilst trying to embrace the values of the country we now reside in, this is where the challenge lies, and we hope to try and bridge this gap.

our Aims

  • Look at the different challenges facing parenting today.
  • Find solutions, educate and support parents on how to minimize or prevent these challenges.
  • Create awareness.
  • Early intervention and sign post where necessary.


  • Cultural differences; language, identity, religion, traditions etc.
  • Impact of work on the ability to parent effectively.
  • The influence of social media/technology on parenting,
  • Family breakdown – domestic violence, divorce, separation.
  • Knife crime, Drugs and gang lifestyle.
  • Physical health problems.
  • Mental health and Stigma
  • Physical Disabilities and Stigma

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Parent Form Radio Panelist/presenters 

  • Shamim Bukenya
  • Aisha Nabunya
  • Rose Amony
  • Regena Namatovu
  • Ismail Bukenya
  • Miss Florence Kigunddu
  • Joyce Okello

We are looking for Volunteers (Panelist) who can talk about following topics:

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Career guidance/education
  3. Drugs, Alcohol & gang culture
  4. Online Child protection

contact list of professionals you heard on our radio show

Please contact Ms Sarah Kasule 
Ulitmate Counselling and Support services.
For black, African and Caribbean families, couples and individuals
Contact: 074 4576 6096 | Email: | E:

Please contact Mr. W. Nkatta Masembe
Buganda Heritage Association UK
Twitter: masembe_nkata | Tel: 074 4351 8348
Offer brief intervention counselling in Luganda and English

Please contact Mr Badru Male
HIV Prevention & Testing Coordinator, African communities.
07376040623 |

Please contact Rahma Abdulatif
Psychotherapist and parenting Practitioner
Tel: 07921087508 | offer Family work and parenting skills

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