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Exploring culture clash and identity crisis

On the 27th of October, we (team of the EAMCG) successfully pulled off our long overdue East African Muslim Cultural Group Event which involved a body of work discussing Cultural clashes and Identity crises within our society/community.

Not only we were able to have a sit down with families and individuals, but we also managed to gather our wider community at Hackney Marshes Hall to showcase and discuss the project, have a conversation, and share more experiences. This too was captured and recorded as it brought together people of different walks of life and ages and experiences to really get a wider scope and understanding of what and how people experience Cultural Clash and Identity Crisis.

See the video below for the full story


Didi’s review of the event



This event could not have happened without the support and sponsorship of the National Lottery Community Fund who took a chance and believed in what we had to share and helped turn an idea into an insightful project that many of the younger and older generations could learn from as it helps bridge a gap between the two.

We would like to take this chance to thank all that played a part in bringing this project to life, to the families and individuals that sat down to share their stories, and to the community at large that not only took the time out of their day to come to the showcasing of this project but also shared a few of their experiences.



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